Common Thread

Photos by Minh Huynh

When describing a feather earring she bought while hanging out with friends, designer Carly Ealey channels her inner head-banger.

“We bought them from this hippie street vendor in Berkeley who warned us to reinforce the back of it so that, ‘When you are partying like this <Ealey shakes her head wildly while talking>, you won’t lose them,’” she says. “To this day, we imitate her when we wear shoulder-length earrings.”

Ealey is co-founder of Sezio, a San Diego-based nonprofit that provides exposure, community support and other resources for emerging artists and musicians. An artist herself, she paints, shoots photographs and writes, sometimes using her creativity to add flair to her wardrobe. Among her recent DIY projects: dying a shirt a new color and re-sewing the hems on her jeans to create wetsuit-tight skinnies.

“Fashion makes my everyday life more interesting and inspiring,” she says.

-Nicole Quiroz

Olive and Olivia Fringe Top
Haven Boutique, Gaslamp

Frye Philip Short Harness Boots
Urban Outfitters, Gaslamp

Spy Valentina Sunglesses
Active, Mission Valley

Silence & Noise Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Urban Outfitters, Gaslamp

Spike Ring
Haven Boutique, Gaslamp

Amazonite Crystal Necklace
Home Boutique, North Park