At KAABOO, fashion is soooo San Diego


Curious as to what the fashion scene looks like at the first-ever KAABOO Del Mar?

Despite my almost-certain expectation of a Coachella-esque wonderland in the heart of Del Mar, it certainly has a style all its own.

As smiling, eager festival-goers come and go, with craft beers in hand, it’s so San Diego here. The majority of the attendees are clearly locals, relaxing hard at the racetrack with their flip-flops and tennis shoes. There are no fashionable heeled booties here, nor any fringe-embroidered vintage 1970s dresses or flower crowns.

Many of the women are rocking jean shorts and tank tops, rompers and flower-clad sundresses, opting for that laid-back, practical feel as they groove around at the main stage.

The main accessory to be noted is the sunnies. We’re seeing lots of big framed, fun and colorful glasses here, along with the must-haves: Ray-Bans and aviators.

What about the men?

The men of KAABOO really went for one of two styles.

The first is what I like to call “the SD standard.” This style is essentially a pair of board shorts, a rad T-shirt, a backwards hat and Vans. The second style is the “I’m kinda classier than that guy” style, which includes khakis, a semi-stylish Hawaiian shirt, a forward-facing hat and some high-tops or Nikes.


But there are a few rule-breakers here at KAABOO. My favorites?

The woman who thinks she’s at a rave donning her pasties and fur boots, and the guy who forgot his T-shirt, shoes and probably his phone at Torrey Pines.

“It’s pretty much chill, and casual with a few freaks here and there,” said Encinitas resident Michael Dunn. “I like it, doesn’t feel as forced with fashionistas as some other festivals.”

Either way, we’re glad to see a festival whose trends are simple, low maintenance and sunny-weather approved.

Source: DiscoverSD