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All it took was a Pinterest party, wire-wrapping tools and a love for art to hook Vanessa Browning into jewelry making. With that love Browning started her jewelry line, Amorcito, in 2013 in San Diego. She uses semiprecious and precious metals and stones to create a beautiful line that can be described as bohemian chic and minimalist. Amorcito is also budget conscious and gives clients the option to customize with different stones in order to keep it affordable. Some of her pieces are light and dainty ? perfect for dressed down outfits during the day ? and there are elegant pieces for special occasions. The difference between her line and many others is that there is only one designer and creator, so every piece is handmade with attention and love. Her website, is getting a good amount of traffic, and you can find her line in a number of boutiques around San Diego.

Q: What does Amorcito mean and what was the inspiration behind the line?

A: Amorcito is defined as “little love.” It is a nickname in the Spanish language and is a nickname that was given to me by my fiancé. He was a huge cheerleader to me when I planned to start my jewelry company so I dedicated my little love ? which is creating art and jewelry ? to him.

Q: A piece of jewelry you believe can go with any outfit?

A: A dainty gold bar, gold chain necklace (Xeno necklace). It can dress up any outfit, you can wear it to the office or it can be worn more casually with a layering of necklaces. It can also be worn alone to add that hint of sparkle to your leisure days. It can even be worn on the beach because it is so delicate. I wear it all the time.

Q: If you could have lunch with one designer, who would it be?

A: Victoria Beckham. One, because she is so stylish and I’ve admired her for years. Two, because her husband just might drop in to say “hello.”

Q: Describe your most perfect day in San Diego.

A: Morning bike ride around Coronado and breakfast at Villa Nueva. Later that day, catching a farmers market and eating lunch from a unique vendor there. A casual browse through boutiques for inspiration, antique stores for excitement and end the day at the beach watching the sunset. That’s cheesy, I know, but San Diego sunsets are amazing.

Q: Fashion faux pas you see women make with jewelry that makes you cringe?

A: Matching earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets...ugh! I’m sorry, but use a little creativity. If you have to match something, put some distance between them. For example, if you have earrings that came with a necklace and bracelet, wear the earrings and bracelet but find another necklace that complements the set but doesn’t belong to the set.

Q: With the Oscars coming up, which celeb style do you look forward to seeing the most?

A: Angelina Jolie, only because she’s timeless and it’s fun to discover if it’s possible to make her prettier than she already is in her natural state.

Q: What’s next for Amorcito?

A: Hats! I’ve had this desire to create hats for the races since I began this business. It may seem a little bit extreme, but I have a passion for creating art and hats are perfect for that. Fascinators are calling my name.

Q: Your wedding is around the corner, which pieces are you planning on wearing for your big day?

A: Well, my wedding style will be beachy/bohemian so my jewelry will fit right in. My bridesmaids will have it made because they will receive layers of necklaces and handmade headpieces to go with their bohemian dresses. I’ll definitely be using a combination of short and long pieces with precious metals like my Rosali necklace and Ingelton necklace but there will also be a spray of more exotic pieces like my Ameli necklace and Valentina necklace with an array of shiny rings of course! As for the jewelry I will be wearing, it’s in the works. I’m lucky enough to be able to customize and create something to my liking. I love my job because I not only get to create but I get to style, as well, and styling people comes with so much fulfillment. Making people feel beautiful is a feeling like no other.

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Source: DiscoverSD