Indulge in the drama with ‘Bachelor’ Mondays at Nason’s Beer Hall

Celebrity reporter Heather Lake pours a beer at Nason's Beer Hall Bartending Charity Event in April 2019.
Celebrity reporter Heather Lake pours a beer at Nason’s Beer Hall Bartending Charity Event in April 2019.
(Jared Gase)

The Pendry’s upscale sports bar hosts viewing nights every Monday through March.


Don’t want to watch the rose ceremony alone on your couch every week? Nason’s Beer Hall doesn’t want that either.

Every Monday, Pendry Hotel’s downtown beer hall slash sports bar will host The Bachelor nights for fans of pilot heart-throb Peter Weber and all the drama, which is exploding this season. (Who else can’t get over Champagne-Gate?!)

From 8 to 10 p.m., gather around the bar’s TVs and participate in weekly Bachelor drafts while enjoying drink deals like $5 glasses of rosé, 50 percent off bottles of rosé, or $20 “bouquets” of beer (aka five bottles).

To spice things up, swap your glass of wine or bottle of beer for a Bachelor-themed cocktail. Try Windmill Sangria, a mix of Tito’s, rosé, blackberry, rosemary, honey and orange bitters; or opt for Jump the Fence, made with Partida Blanco tequila, jalapeño-infused casamigos mezcal and agave.

And of course, you’ll need some munchies to handle all the drama The Bachelor brings. Stress-eat specialty cheese and charcuterie boards, or eat your feelings out with a hearty $5 burger.

We can’t help speculating what will happen on The Bachelor in the weeks to come. Will Kelsey finally let the bottle go? Does Hannah Brown make another appearance? Who will Peter eventually fly away with?!

Though you may not be able to count on your predictions every episode, you can rely on Nason’s every Monday through the end of the season. (That’s on March 12, if you don’t already have it on your calendars.)

Nason’s Beer Hall at The Pendry, 570 J St., 619.738.7060,