Meet and mingle with local creatives at Half Door Brewing Co.


After Taco Tuesday next week, mosey on over to Half Door Brewing Co. for a truly creative experience.

San Diego Creative Professionals (SDCP) invites individuals in various artistic fields to East Village to connect and collaborate across industries over a pint of beer. These monthly meetings kick off on Tuesday, June 25.

The new organization seeks to reinvigorate passion and productivity among members through networking, group discussion and creative exercises. SDCP’s communications director Dave DiVerniero said he believes that fostering the right connections can have a lasting effect on one’s career and life.

“It’s so easy to get run down and burnt out in creative careers,” said DiVerniero, who is a video professional. “I hope we can be a source, not only for career opportunity and guidance, but creative restoration for San Diego creative professionals.”

The event is open to all San Diegans working in an artistic industry, such as graphic design, photography, video and film production, website development and writing. Both aspiring and current professionals are welcome.

First meeting of San Diego Creative Professionals

When: 7 p.m., June 25
Where: Half Door Brewing Co., 903 Island Ave., East Village