Should you discuss politics at Thanksgiving? Twitter weighs in

The Daily Meal

Across the country, folks are packing their bags and traveling by plane, train and automobile to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday. And in addition to eating perfectly roasted turkey and heaps of stuffing, that means one thing: Families are coming together. And while that’s typically a good thing, in an increasingly divided world, when certain topics come up, things can get uncomfortable. So should you talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner? Twitter users raised the debate, and as usual, they had opinions.

15 Things to Never Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner

NPR Politics posed the question: “Will you and your family talk politics over turkey? Or will you avoid it completely?” And the answer seemed to depend on whether or not families agreed on the state of the nation’s elections and leaders.

“We don’t talk politics cause we came to eat and have fun not argue/debate the entire night,” user @psych96 responded. Meanwhile, Sue Kerr said her relatives usually bond over their shared beliefs.

Other Twitter users had one simple answer: Politics and pie do not mix.

“Here is the ‘Todd Probus Guide for Discussing Politics at Your Family Thanksgiving Meal’: 1. Don’t,” Todd Probus tweeted.

So unless you’re confident you and yours can bond over politics, etiquette does dictate that discussing controversial topics is a big no-no. So maybe change the conversation when things get tense and talk about sports or food instead. And while you’re avoiding politics at Thanksgiving dinner, maybe avoid these other offensive comments as well.

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