Up close with cast of “The Strain”


Walk down to the Convention Center and chances are you’ve seen the hotel wrap on the Hilton Bayfront depicting the Statue of Liberty with...well, a vampire appendage (courtesy of Guillermo del Toro’s twisted mind) spewing from the statue’s mouth. The display, from the show “The Strain,” is part of the FXhibition on the lawn in front of the downtown hotel. The area is free and open to the public until 6 p.m. today.

FX’s “The Strain”

For the tired, poor, and infected...she’s waiting to welcome you. #SDCC #FXSDCC - The Strain (@TheStrainFX) July 21, 2016

While members of the show’s cast were in town for Comic-Con, the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex team sat down to talk more about the dark show, coming together to fight a common enemy and the possibility of the fall of mankind.

View the Video The Strain cast members

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