Sit back and relax at KAABOO

Attendees of KAABOO Del Mar could stop in to Meet Me At The Spa and enjoy any number of spa services to help them relax and recuperate. (Liz Bowen)

For those who have ever spent time at a multi-day music festival, you know all too well how tiring it can be walking around a festival for hours at a time. This can be especially true if you had one too many Sierra Nevada brews or craft cocktails the night prior - that’s why the spa area was a key addition to setting KAABOO Del Mar apart from other festivals.

Inside the Indulgences venue, Meet Me At The Spa was surprisingly busy with people coming and going, some in the middle of massages, others getting a soothing facial done. Yep, all this exists in the middle of the music-meets-lifestyle festival that is KAABOO.

At Drip Bar Del Mar, one of the local vendors, attendees were able to get an IV health cocktail of their choice injected right into their veins. The cocktails (a mix of invigorating vitamins and minerals) were meant to help people who may have been hungover, dehydrated or generally worn down from the weekend.

Kylie Witskin, an employee at Drip Bar, said that it was a wildly popular item on both Saturday and Sunday - so much so that the vendor nearly ran out of its supply.

“It is a saline bag injected with energy complexes, Vitamin C, other vitamins you need and much more for rejuvenation and relaxation,” Witskin said. The cocktails also include B vitamins, folic acid, anti-nausea medicine and more.

Beyond the drips, there were massages of all kinds taking place throughout the facility. There were aromatherapy massages, deep tissue massages, facial massages, foot massages - you name it.

The spa area seemed to be a nice addition to the lineup at KAABOO, giving those seeking a quick escape from festival chaos a place to chill out in a quiet and relaxing space.

Source: DiscoverSD

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