Rules of the Con

Since 2005 - 35 years after its inception - Comic-Con has attracted an astounding 103,000 or more attendees annually to the San Diego Convention Center. With the seemingly unending horde of life-forms scurrying around, it’s crucial to have some ground rules. Here is a short list of security details to keep in mind while at the Con. (For more information, go to

Free airspace, for all

Yes, we live in an era of drones and various forms of flying machinery, but no materials resembling any of the aforementioned products are allowed at the Comic-Con. That ranges from balloons or any helium-filled products to any devices that may be flown or tethered within the convention center.

Can I see your badge, ma’am?

Perhaps the most important item you must bring to Comic-Con: your badge. Without it you won’t be able to access panels at the convention center or anywhere else where there’s a Comic-Con-sanctioned event - the San Diego Central Library, Horton Grand Theatre and other venues. Have it visible at all times because guards may ask you to present your key to the Con.

Leave the (real) lightsabers at home

Of course, no projectile weapons are allowed. All Zelda fans, you can rest assure that the Master Sword - or any sword - is allowed as long as it cannot be unsheathed. Arrows are also allowed as long as the tips have been removed.

Leave Fido at home

Aside from service animals, no pets of any kind may be admitted into the convention center.

Paging Robert Downey Jr. , paging Ro ...

This is not an airport. There will be no personal messages over the public-address system. You may post written notes on the message board in Lobby C if you need to touch base with friends and texting isn’t an option (signals are iffy at the Con).

Leave your GoPros and selfie sticks

Now is the perfect time to exercise your freedom from technology! Get used to it because, as a rule, you’ll have to go low-tech during panels or film screenings. No recording devices of any kind are allowed - that includes audio or video recording of movie and TV panels. Also out are GoPro poles, selfie sticks and Google Glass. Any use of live-streaming apps, like Periscope, at any panels or showings is prohibited.

Butt out!

No smoking of any kind is allowed at any place. If you need to smoke, there will be designated areas outside the convention center. Sorry to all the new-age smokers: E-cigarettes are not allowed on the premises.

If it rolls, leave it at home!

(Excluding wheelchairs, of course.) Rolling luggage, handcarts and oversize strollers are not allowed in the Exhibit Hall. Anyone caught with any of these items will be escorted out of the hall. Strollers can be brought to the Con, but they must be left out of all programming rooms. Stroller parking will be free and located outside of the convention center.

Source: DiscoverSD