NerdHQ 2016 is a must-see


NerdHQ 2016, a four-day event that runs alongside Comic-Con at the New Children’s Museum, is jam-packed with goodness. Sit in on intimate Q&A’s with with your favorite celebrities during Conversations for a Cause, play the hottest video game titles like Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and Titanfall 2, and wait until dark for hot dance parties. The event is free, and any proceeds raised are donated to Operation Smile, an international charity that heals the smiles of children born with facial deformities.


Here are the top five things not to miss, according to David Coleman, co-founder of Nerd Machine, which brings NerdHQ to life.

1, 2, & 3: “You gotta play Battlefield 1, you gotta play Gears of War 4 and you gotta play Titanfall 2, got it?” he said.

4: “You gotta download the Johnson & Johnson donate a photo app, and I’ll tell you why - because it helps us raise money for Operation Smile,” Coleman said. “If you come here and take a photo at our photo booth, that picture gets put to the donate a photo app, and it’s a dollar for Operation Smile through (us.) Take a picture through your own account, and raise another dollar. And you can do that every day of the year.”

5: “If you want to see exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews follow our account, The Nerd Machine, on (the cellphone app) - all these exclusive interviews from behind-the-scenes, backstage, are on that app,” he said.

Source: DiscoverSD