‘Mr. Robot’ cast takes a break from the serious


The first ever “Mr. Robot” panel at SDCC on Thursday kicked off in a very “Mr. Robot” fashion thanks to a video featuring the eponymous hacktivist himself in his familiar mask.

The message touting the “rebirth of society” was ominous enough, in fact, that it made a baby in the audience cry while it played. But the intro marked one of the very few serious moments of the presentation. Which made for an interesting break from the subject matter of the series itself.

“Mr. Robot” cast members Carly Chaikin, Christian Slater, Rami Malek, Portia Doubleday and Grace Gummer took to the stage to discuss the show, and their second season (which kicked off recently).

Although the presentation concluded with a showing of a scene from next week’s episode (it involved a game of chess), the panel itself remained mostly spoiler free. But despite being cursed with the often not-so-exciting task of presenting a panel at Comic-Con while in the middle of the season, the attendees didn’t mind. If the cheering from the audience was any indication, “Mr. Robot” has found fans at Comic-Con.

Doubleday discussed Angela’s evolution and her dangerous obsession with positive affirmations, while new cast member Gummer teased how her character Dom is a “complicated weirdo” with her own issues and that “what you see at first is not what you’re going to get.”


Malek revealed the closest thing to a spoiler, alluding to a “really cool hacking [scene] coming up.” You don’t say.

He also hyped the music for next week’s episode.

Through questions from the audience fans also learned that Slater plays “Pokemon Go” (to which Chaikin gave a very in-character warning about the information the app’s users are granting to the program). Plus we learned that many members of the “Mr. Robot” cast are watching “The Bachelorette” along with the bachelor nation. “She better choose Luke,” Slater warned (referring to the recent cliffhanger in the last episode with Jojo).

And finally, the last thing fans can look forward to in the new season? Dancing.

Tracy Brown is a reporter for the the Los Angeles Times

Source: DiscoverSD