Most memorable cosplay costumes of Day 1


There is no doubt that cosplay is a bona fide element of an eventful and successful Comic-Con. There are many incredible cosplay costumes to count at this year’s Comic-Con, but there were a handful that took the cake and they ate it, too. By that, I mean these costumes were too awesome to forget - even after leaving The Con. Here are the top picks for Day 1.


Diva Plavalaguna from “The Fifth Element”

This costume was exquisite, detailed and clearly took much time to make. Leah was adorned in all blue everything, down to her fingernail polish. When asked why she wanted to be Diva, she told us it was her dream cosplay outfit that she never thought she could make happen, but finally did.


This pick had to be one of the most original costumes at the Con. We present you with McThor, a cross between Thor and Ronald McDonald. Yep, take it in.

The kids of “Bob’s Burgers”

These three were even acting the part of Gene, Tina and Louise! We loved their homage to the hit cartoon series “Bob’s Burgers.”

“Mad Max” characters

These guys were walking around downtown bright and early on the first day of Comic-Con and had onlookers in awe of the likeness to their characters from “Mad Max.”

Four Princess Leias

What’s better than one Princess Leia? Four, and two of them are men. Yep, this group of travelers (who came all the way from London to visit Comic-Con) took the seemingly normal costume to the next level.


This guy was really creepy looking, with tons of cosmetic additions including fake warts, a prosthetic nose and a hair cover to create a bald-eagle type of look. His wings expanded and his cosplay costume was as lifelike as a human-condor can get.

Vanellope von Schweetz

What a sweetie! The girl behind the cosplay is Erin Nicole Vedar, who chose to dress like the “Wreck-It Ralph” character, Vanellope. She arrived in a decked-out, chocolate cake car with lollipop wheels, sprinkles and a cherry for the headlight.

Source: DiscoverSD