Melee breaks out outside KAABOO after hours venue


Social media was a buzz this morning with reports of what some were calling a “riot” as Day 2 of KAABOO Del Mar drew to a close.

While details are still being investigated, an apparent fight broke out just outside the Encore stage, which happens to be sponsored by DiscoverSD.

Sheriff’s officials said that when concertgoers left the Aerosmith and The Chainsmokers concerts, some tried to get into the venue to see Ludacris perform, but it was at maximum capacity and they were unable to get in.
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Four arrests have been confirmed, including after an incident where allegedly a concertgoer pushed a sergeant, in front of the Encore venue. Sheriff’s deputies responded to try to control the crowd shortly after 11 p.m., said Lt. Jim Walker.

According to a KAABOO spokesperson, “KAABOO and the Del Mar Fairgrounds apologize to those who were unable to enjoy Encore last night. The venue was at capacity. For the safety of our guests, security and the Sheriff’s Department dispersed an unruly crowd.”

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George Varga and Lynsday Winkley contributed to this report.

Source: DiscoverSD