Flower Hill Promenade sprouts a kindness program

“What sunshine is to flowers, kindness is to humanity.” This is what Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade wants to promote during its four-month long Growing Kindness inSunshine program.

The open-air shopping and dining center will host monthly events and feature interactive installations highlighting the importance of kindness and the local charities working toward positive change.

The program was conceptualized by various individuals, some of which include Jeffrey Essakow, the real estate developer and managing partner of Flower Hill Promenade; Rose Jabin, the property manager; and Leslie Randall and Siena Randall from R&R Enterprise.

Growing Kindness inSunshine intends to remind people there is strength in kindness.

“There’s so much negativity (in the world), we thought it would be refreshing to turn the tide,” said Essakow. “We want to create something people will feel good about.”

Each installation in the center shows the random acts of kindness and mindfulness one can practice in their everyday lives.

A few of the installations at the center include:

“I Should Have Said That” encourages people to express the words they kept to themselves by writing them on a piece of paper and leaving it on the wall.

“Today I Feel” is on a wall outside Core Power Yoga in which anyone can take a colorful pin that matches their mood: awesome, fierce, grumpy, annoyed and so on.

The “Because Kindness Rocks Project” provides rocks and markers, encouraging people to write positive messages on them and leaving the rocks somewhere in the center for another person to find.

In addition to the installations, Growing Kindness inSunshine will also host monthly events with local charity partners. Those partners hosting events in the coming months include Voices of Our City Choir and Cake4Kids. More information about these events can be found on the promenade’s website.

Aside from the Growing Kindness inSunshine program, the center itself is boasting with color and activities. According to Essakow, he wants to reimagine the shopping experience and evolve with the paradigm shift in shopping centers.

Flower Hill Promenade is redesigned in accordance with the seasons and works with local artists to provide eye-catching murals and play spaces for children. Diana Robbins, the account supervisor at R&R Enterprise, helps with the transformations.

“It’s hard work but it’s very satisfying seeing (the guests) enjoying the space,” said Robbins.

Flower Hill Promenade, 2720 Via De La Valle, Del Mar,