Fans hunt for freebies at Comic-Con

On the hunt for freebies at Comic-Con? On Thursday morning, it looked like folks were walking away with the usual swag: posters, comic books and bags of every shape, color and size.

The more coveted items? Those will cost you money AND time. (At some booths, people waited in line for the mere possibility of buying something.)

Here’s some of the free goods we’ve seen so far:

At the northern end of the exhibit hall, people were lining up to snag free Godzilla lanyards and posters at he Famous monsters of Filmland booth.

Jose Torres, San Diego, was there with his daughter Abigail, 11. The monsters were great, but Abigail was looking for My Little Pony. (No word yet on whether there were any pony-related freebies to be had).

Her dad had his heart set on a storm trooper action figure from Hasbro.

“You have to stand in line I get a ticket,” Torres said. “And then you stand in another line to buy it.”

In another area of the exhibit hall, a woman was handing out Pokemon comic books gratis.

Emile and Ricardo Hernandez of Frisco, Texas snapped one up right away. They have three children at home - a 15-year-old boy and twin 10-year-old girls - who are big fans.

“We don’t bring them around here.” Emilie said. “It’s too crazy.”

The couple said hey were on the lookout for other items, free or not, that hey could bring home to the kids.

Moving east inside the hall, a man was handing out what looked like plastic boomerangs. In fact, they are replicas of a v-shaped spaceship witnesses claimed to have spotted over Arizona and New Mexico in 1997.

The guy handing out the swag was Keith Arem, director of an upcoming movie based on the event.

“It’s the largest UFO sighting in US history,” said Arem, whose movie, The Phoenix incident is slated for release in March.

Source: DiscoverSD