Comic-Con: These cosplayers fight for real, and it’s intense


Weapons at Comic-Con can look really intense, but are typically made of foam, wood or other craft materials.

But not the weapons of The Adrian Empire.

It’s a non-profit organization in which members take “the best qualities of medieval history” and apply them to their own lives. This includes some seriously intense sword fighting.

“The Adrian Empire is a very friendly organization,” Scott Mallory said. “We love what we do.”

It’s a national organization but in San Diego, the subdivision is known as the Kingdom of Terre Neuve. Members of the local “kingdom” and even some from others across the country came together at Comic-Con to show off their period costumes, put on fighting demonstration and share information about their group.

“To come out here and put on these shows for me is an amazing feeling,” Sara Grider of Las Vegas said. “It’s fantastic to be here.”


The fighters wore armor made of stainless steel, aluminum or other metals and fought freely without choreography in front of gathered crowds. Despite the heat, Mallory said it’s worth it to have such a heavy outfit on for protection during the fight.

He and other members of the group make their own armor or order pieces and material from Europe and to look as authentic as possible.

“We fight with full metal armor as they would have worn,” he said of Western European culture between the years 793 and 1625.

The men and women fight hard, but have blunted edges on their weapons to make sure their opponents will be around for the next monthly meeting of the Kingdom of Terre Neuve. They gather monthly at Morley Field in Balboa Park for fights, archery, crafts and other activities true to the time period.

They attend many different types of events like Renaissance festivals and even do demonstrations and activities for school children around San Diego.

“It’s a great chance to teach about our history, teach about where our ancestors come from,” Grider said.

Source: DiscoverSD