Comic Con security do’s and dont’s


Leave your drones at home, folks. Comic-Con is tightening up security and has several rules and regulations that must be adhered to at the San Diego Convention Center in order to be permitted into the epic downtown event.

Here are a few musts to follow at Comic-Con 2016:

-No drones or helium-based balloons or products.

-Do not plan on bringing costume props that can function as weapons. All costumes will be inspected at the Costume Props Desk, near the outside door in the lobby of Hall E. Real arrows must have their tips removed and all swords must be tied to your costume in a way that they cannot be drawn. Security will tag your props once they have been checked.

-Sorry, smokers. No e-cigarettes, vapes or cigarette products allowed at the Con.

-Keep the selfie-stick in your car and ask someone to take a photo of you, instead. Selfie-sticks are prohibited.

-No pets or furry creatures are allowed inside the venue.

-The Con asks you to not bring along any handcarts, trolleys, oversized strollers or rolling luggage to this year’s event.

-It may seem like a great place to self-promote your business or brand, but there are no handouts of any kind allowed. This means no stickers, flyers or business cards.

-In order to prevent counterfeit badges, Comic-Con badges will now have Radio Frequency Identification tags. Simply have your badge on hand to scan in at one of the “scan here” indicators. The indicator will turn green if your badge is legit. Make sure to use it when exiting and re-entering the venue, as well.

-Lastly, there is no recording of movie or television footage/trailers at any of the panels. This means that you should prepare to hideaway your cell phone, video recorders, laptops, iPads and Google Glass, as well during the screenings.

Be safe, have fun and may the Con be with you!

Source: DiscoverSD