Comic-Con: One-on-one with Zachary Levi


Zachary Levi may be best known for playing Chuck Bartowski on the TV series “Chuck” or for his role as Georg in the hit Broadway revival “She Loves Me,” but he is also the co-founder of Nerd Machine, a self-described online hub for all things nerd.

Since 2011, the folks with Nerd Machine have hosted NerdHQ - a four-day event jam-packed with gaming, celebrities and dance parties - that runs alongside Comic-Con.

We sat down with Zach to talk about it all.

We’re right next door to Comic-Con so I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask what some of your favorite comic books or comic book characters are.

You’ve already starred as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World. Are there any other super heroes/gods you’d love to play?

Speaking of Fandral - the character shares some personality traits with another character you’ve brought to life, Flynn Rider, from the animated movie Tangled. What’s more fun - voice acting or live action?

You just wrapped up your time as Georg in the Broadway musical “She Loves Me” - a performance that earned you your first tony nomination. How do the worlds of musical theater and the Nerd Machine mesh?

Are you playing Pokémon Go?

I almost didn’t ask this question, but I can’t help myself. Is Scott Bakula as cool in real life as he seems?

Source: DiscoverSD