Comic-Con: Kids wear pretty sweet costumes, too


Comic-Con is the ultimate hangout for adults who want to feel like kids again.

But if those grown-ups look down, every now and then a costume-clad kid will walk by and let me tell you, they are just as stoked as the adults to be there.

Take Rosenda Romero, for example. The 8-year-old from Chula Vista was at her third straight Con, in her third different costume. She picked it out herself.

She and her parents worked on the costume for two months.

“A lot of people ask to take pictures with me,” Romero said.

Fore some, cosplay (wearing a costume based on a movie, video game, etc.) is a family affair. Riley and Aiden Reyes (5 and 9 years-old, respectively) enjoyed playing together in their costumes, Thor and Darth Vader.

The Reyes brothers, despite being so young, have been to Comic-Con several times. Riley Reyes said he really feels like he is Thor as he walks around in his costume.


“I mostly like to eat and play with LEGOs,” he said of his favorite things to do at the convention center.

Two 9-year-old best friends planned their outfits in advance so they could walk around as twins. It was their first time at Comic-Con.

Lainie Beamer had this to say to anyone who thinks Comic-Con is only for adults: “I would say that’s their opinion and that they’re crazy.”

Her friend Camren Corzine said she likes going to Comic-Con for the famous people.

“It’s a lot like Halloween here just without as much candy,” she said.

For Maeka and Ellie Yamamichi, it was all about “Star Wars.” In costumes their mom made, the sisters squealed and danced around Friday as they followed their parents through the convention center.

“They love ‘Star Wars,’” Lenna Yamamichi said. “We took them to see the latest one in December and they sat all the way through it.”

She said there’s plenty for kids to do, too, at Comic-Con.

“They can name all the characters from ‘Star Wars’ and get excited when they see people dressed up as them and point them out,” Lenna Yamamichi said. “And of course they also love seeing princesses.”

Source: DiscoverSD