Comic art will cost you at the Con


Those who honor Comic-Con’s history will at least take a stop down the road of pristinely-kept comics, located in the “Artists’ Alley” area of Hall E. While you peruse several pieces hanging above the crowd or flip through those laminated in big books, you’ll see the magic behind the recreation of these original works.

This is the place where all the magic came from, and it’s inspiring, but it ain’t cheap.


Some of the priciest works that I encountered cost more than a year’s rent and my college education combined.

The pieces were given either flat-prices or pre-auction prices if they were going to be sold in the artwork auction. When you see four or five numbers behind a dollar sign, know that someone out there is likely willing to pay that price or higher for such a rare item. Vendors around Comic-Con aren’t shocked with these prices, saying they sell pieces over $250,000 on any given day.

There are more modern pieces of art, including prints and canvas work, which depict characters both new and old going from $15 to $100. But some cost more - way more.

An original artwork from the first issue of “Swamp Thing,” for example (pictured below), starts at the pretty auction price of $150,000. Safe to say, these comics seem to be the most expensive thing you will find for sale at Comic-Con, by far.

Source: DiscoverSD