And the $1 million comic is...

Hunting down the rarest comic books at Comic-Con seemed like a tough task - unless of course they’re all in the same place. New York City’s Metropolis Collectibles has the hook-up if you’re a comic book junkie with unlimited funds. These are three of the company’s rarest treasures.

First appearance of Superman

There are only around 100 copies remaining of Superman’s debut. In his signature blue suit and red cape, Superman is seen on the cover muscling a green car over his head. The June 1938 cover says 10 cents. Today’s estimate? Between $700,000 and $1 million.

First appearance of Batman

Swinging from a building clutching a green-coated crook, Batman made his first flight in May of 1939. Same price as Superman on the cover, but Batman is a bargain, topping out at $700,000.

First appearance of Spider-Man

The first two were born in the golden age of comics while Spider-Man is the most notable face of the silver age. The masked man first appeared Aug. 15, 1962, for a whopping 12 cents. For all you frugal spenders, this original is just $45,000 today.

Source: DiscoverSD