6 coolest things I saw at Comic-Con, Day 1


Virtual reality experiences

There were several different realms for escaping the Con while there. The virtual reality centers were easily accessible to the public and gave a cool, inside look at Conan O’Brien’s office and stage and allowed participants to experience Nickelodeon’s “The Hidden Temple.” These were a top highlight, so it was obvious why they had lines all day long.

Giant wall of Post-it drawings

Behold, a wall where people can essentially make their own comic-like drawings and phrases (Ba-Zing!) and hang them up for all to see. The vibrant wall, located in Hall E, was filled with Post-it notes from Comic-Con goers who were able to come right up and post their own unique creation for all to see.

Cosplay costumes, of course

I mean, right? This is probably the most impressive part about going to Comic-Con. It’s amazing to see what people put together to recreate their favorite characters from so many different television shows, movies and comics. You never know what characters you’ll see. Some of our favorites from day one can be seen here.


Old-school comics

Let us not forget what Comic-Con is built on: hard copy comic books. The comics were everywhere and many of the artists were present to sign signatures on their original work at the event. The intricate artwork and dialogue are an important part of understanding how this enormous, over-the-top festival came to be.


There were several giveaways at the event that we were happy to say, “Yes, please!” to. We enjoyed the collectable pins, unique hats, Frisbees, stickers and more that we took home in our goodie bags. One of the best giveaways could be found at the Hot Wheels area. The toy-car brand was offering up a real-life “Star Wars” trench-run car for free. All attendees had to do was snap a picture and post it to Instagram with the #HWcarships to enter.

Celebrities outside of panels

This being my first Comic-Con, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get to see any of my favorite stars anywhere but Hall H (which boasts an impressive and dreadful-looking line.) Alas, to my surprise, I got to see a few stars, including the cast of “Silicon Valley” and a quick glimpse of Emma Roberts.

Source: DiscoverSD