Even a little rain can’t stop these dates


Precipitation is a bit of a rarity here. When it actually does rain in San Diego, locals look up at the sky in amazement, asking, “What is this wet stuff falling from the clouds?”

As a result, driving is crazed, people develop a melancholy humor, and literally don’t know what do with themselves. And for a dating culture that subsists on sunny day romantic strolls and sunset canoodling, rain can throw the whole process into chaos.

To help alleviate the rainy day dating blues, PACIFIC has a few ideas to bring you out of the dating doldrums. Whether you feel like charging onward through the rain or decide to snuggle up and never leave home, here some ways to make the wet weather pass in romantic bliss.

We feel like braving the elements for some fun

Bub’s at the Beach: If you are an active couple at the beach, used to surfing, wakeboarding, and running along the sand, rain can be a major bummer. Give your muscles a rest and exercise your brain (and have a drink or two) in a laid back beachy environment with entertaining games like shuffleboard, Jenga, Connect Four, Cards Against Humanity, UNO, Sorry!, Hedbanz, and more.

1030 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach, 858.270.7269,

Coin Haus: You may have bolted to the arcade as a kid on a rainy day, but now that you’re all grown up, only a “beercade” will do for a wet weather date. You and your competitive sweetheart can play the day away with over 30 video games, including Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, Ghostbusters, and the pinball Game of Thrones. Along with 40 self-serve choices of craft beers, wine, Boochcraft Kombucha and cold brew coffee, it’s a rainy day date made in heaven. Make sure for this date you call an Uber or Lyft.

8361 Allison Ave., La Mesa, 619.741.2288,

Alex Shaw and Julia Paulescu, the September 2016 blind date couple, at Coin Haus in La Mesa. (Rick Nocon)
(Rick Nocon / For The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Giardino Neighborhood Cucina Cooking Classes: One thing we all love to do when it rains is eat. Now you can be a little more productive than lying on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and a bottle of wine. Grab your honey, and head to Lemon Grove to learn a new skill with cooking classes where Chef Marco will teach you to make pastas, including fettuccine and gnocchi. $25

8131 Broadway, Lemon Grove, 619.825.7112,

For more ideas, like indoor rock climbing and axe throwing dates, check out our top physical dates around San Diego.

Nah, we’re staying indoors

Beer, wine, and spirit delivery: Sometimes we just want to snuggle up on the couch, under blankets, and show some love indoors, right? For delivery in only one hour, you can get beer, wine and spirits via the closest local Keg n Bottle store, if you are an Amazon Prime member. No membership? Go for Mini Bar Delivery, also sourcing multiple Keg n Bottle locations around the county, plus Golden Hill Market & Liquor and Servall Liquor on University Avenue in Hillcrest. They promise deliveries in 30-60 minutes.

Torrey Holistics: Invite Mary Jane to join your rainy day date. With legalization in full swing, you can now have cannabis delivered to your door. Torrey Holistics is a veritable marijuana and CBD wonderland, and you and your bae can spend half your date selecting which strain you want. If you live in the San Diego city limits, order online and expect delivery in 1-2 hours. Delivery is available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday with last call at 8 p.m.

10671 Roselle St. #100, Sorrento Valley, 858.558.1420,

Cookie delivery: It’s raining, you’ve got the munchies, and there’s nothing like fresh baked cookies to satisfy the craving. Surprise your sweetheart with decadent treats by the popular cookie shop The Cravory by heading to Eat24 Grubhub for delivery. Mouthwatering selections include the Almond Joyous, Salted Caramel Cream, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Truffle. Head to the Cravory website for other tempting combos and their monthly subscriptions.

Point Loma: 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd., 619.795.9077; Carlsbad: 2675 Gateway Rd #103, 442.325.1737,