Aim for love: Dating resolutions for 2019


Dating trends in the past year were a roller coaster ride in romance, sex and love. With dating apps, speed-dating sessions, meetups and social events at an all-time high, men and women were following lust and love at landmark speeds, switching from one date to the next with a simple swipe.

The result was a fair number of broken hearts, confusing communication, frustration and emotional exhaustion. With 2019 kicking into action, try these dating resolutions for a better chance at happier hearts and Cupid’s arrow finding its mark.

Resolution No. 1: Give the swipe a rest

Many daters have one foot out the door when it comes to getting serious. Instead of giving a relationship a chance, many are swiping for their next rendezvous while their date is in the bathroom. Stop constantly looking for the next best thing, and focus on the date you are on. In other words, try it the old fashioned way.

Resolution No. 2: Be brave and show courage

On the old fashioned note, one of the complaints of many daters is that potential suitors no longer approach them in public like they used to. Many daters now hide behind apps, feeling it’s less risky for rejection to talk online because they know there’s an increased possibility someone might be interested. As a result, there are scores of singles not making love connections because they aren’t on the apps (or don’t live solely by their phone). Girls and boys, listen up. If you see someone you like, take a chance. Muster up courage the old fashioned way, and gamble the risk. Say hello. Buy a drink. Give your number.

Resolution No. 3: Know what you are worth

With the instant gratification of dating apps, worthy people are being made to feel like cattle on the auction block. When dates do materialize, many feel constantly judged, rated and forced to put up a front to keep the relationship afloat. Don’t sell yourself short for anyone, change who you are, or put up with demeaning, demoralizing, or inconsiderate behavior, just because you want to be dating someone. Those things won’t ever get better, and heartache now likely means excruciating pain later. Drop those losers like hot potatoes and move on. Plant your flag of worth and someone will see it on the horizon.

Resolution #4: Get tested every four months

Unless you are a celibate dater, sexual health has to be at the top of your love life priorities. Head to an inviting facility like Good to Go for free testing for six major STDs and take your picture in a selfie booth complete with the date to let any potential lovers know you are clean. Nothing could be more reassuring when things get lusty and talk gets naughty.

Resolution #5: Be a hopeless romantic

Don’t be afraid to put romantic twists in your dating life, like unique first dates, love notes on the windshield, playlists and surprise gifts from the heart. You’ll stand out from the crowd of chronic daters and the majority of the population. Better to be thought of as a giving, loving, endlessly thoughtful human being than a steel vault of locked up emotions and angst.