Worst large dog: Great Dane
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Best and worst dog breeds for apartment dwellers

While this breed is very friendly, it does require more regular daily walks than most dogs. Great Danes also tend to bark more than the average canine, don’t tolerate being alone well, and shed and drool a lot (not ideal if cleanliness is truly next to godliness for you). 

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Poodles typically weigh 40-70 pounds, but their hypoallergenic coat, minimal barking and friendlier-than-average nature make these pooches a good fit for those in rental units.

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According to ForRent.com, which cited information from the American Kennel Club and Dog Time, dachshunds tend to have a high bark rate and aren’t super friendly to strangers, making them a tough fit for the apartment lifestyle.

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With low exercise needs, easy grooming and above-average friendliness toward strangers, French bulldogs rank high for apartment dwellers. 


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This small breed might seem great for apartment living (after all, Charlotte of “Sex and the City” owned one). But not so much. Cavalier Kings are friendly toward strangers but don’t like being alone. And as for cleanliness, the pups' long coats require good nutrition and care.

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Weighing between 14-18 pounds, pugs are relatively quiet with a comical and playful temperament, important when living in pet-friendly apartments. Their overall friendliness — and the fact that shedding and barking are minimal — makes them great city dogs.

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