Super short review: ‘Almost Famous’

A quick take on some of San Diego’s most popular shows


So ... does “Almost Famous” live up to the hype?

If you’re moved by the phrase, “It’s all happening” and know the words to “Fever Dog,” you’ll think it’s perfection.

The stage version gives a deeper look at the already beloved characters, most especially William’s no-nonsense mother, Elaine. (Bonus: Stillwater is just as fun and bickery as the one in the movie.)

It’s also a great for anyone who doesn’t like traditional musicals since the show mixes new original songs with more familiar music by Led Zeppelin and Elton John. Plus, it has gorgeous cinematic touches (like flashbacks) and the charismatic cast leans in to the whole rebellious rock thing.

“Almost Famous” is long, though, and some of the romantic duets zap energy from the room. Power through those moments because at the end you’ll be treated to one of the best curtain calls I’ve seen.

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