Celebrating ‘Phenomenal Women’

San Diego artists create a monthly, women-only showcase


I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.
-Maya Angelou

Celebrating artistry, talent and resilience, Phenomenal Women, An All-Women Showcase is a new, monthly series of that spotlight San Diego’s lady artists.

The 18+ event kicks off Monday, Aug. 19 with a lineup that includes comedian and internet radio host Sarah B., music by DJ Almond Eyez and dance by Culture Shock’s Deja Denise and Friends.

But why the need for an all-women showcase?

“When I’ve attended showcases, I found they were mostly male with only a sprinkle of female artists,” said Nicolle Fedor Stewart, station manager of the online GoHam Radio that’s co-producing the events. “I wanted to offer one for the phenomenal women of San Diego, where they can now be the main show. Also many shows are over-concentrated, with close to 20 artists on a bill, so with ours, I wanted to limit it each month, so each woman can have an environment where (she) feels empowered.”

Also on the August lineup is underground rapper Bry Blue$; Nikky T, a recent Coronado High graduate who transitioned from a dancer to singer; R&B singer Armanie; rapper/artist Sirenna the Queen; and rapper MZ Chief.

“Our women are resilient. We are strong and we are supportive,” explained Stewart. “At a time when women can be put against each other, we want people to know that women here are phenomenally talented, they are pioneers in a male dominated industry. They are pushing through the shadows to get their due light. That’s what I want to showcase. Women supporting women, we are here to grow together and not tear each other down. Those who do won’t find a space.”

Phenomenal Women is sponsored by GoHAM Radio and The Mol. GoHAM, an independent internet radio station, stands for “giving opportunity, hope and mentorship.” It teams up with partner The Mol, aka The Members Only Lounge to present events geared to uplift and highlight the community and culture of San Diego.

‘Phenomenal Women’

When: 9 p.m., the third Monday of each month
Where: Cultura Gallery, 6340 El Cajon Blvd., College Area