ArtWalk this way


Returning for its 14th year, ArtWalk will bring its mantra of “Connecting Creative Communities” to Ingram Plaza in Liberty Station on August 10 and 11.

ArtWalk @ Liberty Station is one of three art festivals held throughout the year, alongside Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy and ArtWalk Carlsbad. First launched in April of 1984, the festival began as a true “walk” from Little Italy through the Gaslamp to the East Village. In the early 2000s, ArtWalk moved onto city streets, and by 2005 was filling 16 blocks of Little Italy.

ArtWalk expanded to its second location in 2006, and in 2013 introduced the third location at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. Notable artists included in past ArtWalk festivals include painters Walter Redondo, Ruth Fromstein, Uwe Werner, Harut Hakobyan and Christine Schwimmer, sculptors Karen Coburn and Kara Unland, glass artist Gustavo Santana, and jewelry artists Kathy Caldwell and Dorothee Naumburg.

In a grassy area surrounded by a lush rose garden, Ingram Plaza at Liberty Station offers easy walking and accessible paths, along with plenty of free parking for guests. The two-day free event hosts thousands of art-loving attendees with various mediums on display from over 200 local, regional and international professional artists, including painting, sculpture, photography, glasswork and jewelry. While walking through the festival, guests are welcomed with live music, a wine and beer pavilion, street food and a KidsWalk for interactive fun with families.

Channeling Jackson Pollock and abstract expressionism this year, a new addition to the festival includes interactive art, with attendees encouraged to bring an item of clothing, bag or shoes to be splatter-painted for a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Guests can also express their artistic side with Artist & Craftsman Supply, who will be using acrylic silkscreen ink on softkut blocks for fabrics and Posca markers on patches for additional take-home goodies. Each festival supports ArtReach, a nonprofit that focuses on providing high-quality art education to Title One Schools and other K-8 schools in San Diego County.


When: Aug. 10, 11
Where: ArtWalk @ Liberty Station, Ingram Plaza, 2751 Dewey Rd., Liberty Station


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