Fur flies as frightful ‘Cats’ trailer leaves rattled viewers with only eight lives


So, have you seen that new “Cats” trailer?

And if so, may I offer my condolences?

The first glimpse of this coming holiday season’s big animated movie adaptation of the deathless feline musical dropped Thursday, and it appears to have inspired more horrified reactions than the latest iteration of IT (that murderous Stephen King clown) at Comic-Con.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link — but be apprised, this one probably should come with a black-box warning.

To my eye, it appears that the movie’s stellar cast — which includes Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, James Corden, Taylor Swift and other big stars — is doing some kind of mystifying mole-rat cosplay.

But then, “mystifying” has always kind of been the watchword with “Cats.”

When the latest touring version of the show (whose original Broadway production earned seven Tony Awards and ran for 18 years) came to San Diego in April, even star Keri René Fuller acknowledged that a frequent reaction to to the piece is: ‘I just saw “Cats.” I have no idea what it was about.” (Although many go on to say they love the spectacle of it.)

Of course, the original production did make a huge star of Betty Buckley, so give it credit for that. (Check out our chat with Buckley from earlier this year.)

And if nothing else, the trailer has generated lots of jittery Twitter comedy. We leave you with this: