Modernist Cuisine Gallery opens in La Jolla


In the era of stylized Instagram dishes, everyone these days is a food photographer.

Enter Nathan Myhrvold, a cook, author and mad scientist with a camera who approaches food photography like a National Geographic journalist capturing animals in the wild. In his work, brilliant red wine forms an outer-glass ballet, cheeseburger components are suspended in mid-air with militaristic precision and a cluster of French fries await a blast of torpedoing ketchup.

Myhrvold’s limited edition prints are on display at his recently opened Modernist Cuisine Gallery in La Jolla, the fourth location in the country and the first such space dedicated exclusively to food photography by a single artist.

Myhrvold, co-author of the James Beard Award winning encyclopedia of modern cooking “The Art and Science of Cooking,” has worked alongside such science and tech giants as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates.

He grew up in Santa Monica and is a regular visitor to La Jolla. And like his unconventional food photos, he said, La Jolla captures an “unmatched lifestyle, dedication to science and technology, and an appreciation of art.”

Modernist Cuisine Gallery
Open every day. Prints start at $849. 1241 Prospect St., La Jolla. (858) 886-7721.