What’s your aura?


If you’ve ever wondered what kind of energy you radiate or the color of your aura, there’s an event you can’t miss popping up at Pendry San Diego. The luxury hotel from Montage International has partnered with AURA AURA to capture your vibrational and bio-magnetic energy in one-of-a-kind portraits on June 14, 15 and 16.

Under the direction of Eileen Lee, a Detroit-based creative, the portrait process uses double-exposed instant film and hand plates to record each person’s individual energy and aura colors. Inspired by once being told her aura was green, Eileen set out on a quest to discover and bring energy awareness to others, and over 15 years later, she brings her knowledge to the Aura Aura experience.

According to Lee, our individual auras can fluctuate in colors throughout our lifetime based on our situations and emotions, thus the portrait experience captures a moment in time. Lee and AURA AURA hope to convey empowerment to visitors and foster understanding about awareness of being within the universe.

As Pendry’s General Manager, Michael O’Donohue, notes on the event, “One of the aspects we’re most passionate about here at Pendry Hotels is culture — embracing art, design, creation and experience, and AURA AURA is the perfect example of that: an experiential portrait practice that’s beautiful and gets people to think a little bit differently.” Lee shares some of these colorful experiences with the world via the Instagram hashtag #humanatmosphere.

The Pendry x AURA AURA portrait session comes complete with a Polaroid-style snapshot of you and your one-of-a-kind aura, an interpretation of your specific aura colors by Eileen Lee, a color guide informational card and a box to store the portrait.

What to do after you’ve been aura-aura’d? Head to Fifth & Rose, the cocktail bar at the hotel, and match your aura to one of 14 floral-inspired cocktails from their spring menu, with options including Rose, Orchid, Apple Blossom, Lavender and the Lotus, made with Hendricks Orbium gin, St. Germain, green Chartreuse and fresh arugula (perfect for green auras).

Orange or red auras can opt for the Wild Poppy cocktail, with Machetazo Salmiana Mezcal, Amaro Nonino, Ancho Reyes, Orange Blossom water, agave and black pepper. Grab a bite from their new menu of nibbles, including baby crab cakes, bone marrow corn spread, artichoke tarts and goat cheese pizza.

Next, head to over to the Pendry x Salt Culture pop-up for a bit of retail therapy, open through July 1. Launched by Sophie Machado, wife to surfer Rob Machado, the boutique features a range of home decor, gifts, fashion brands and custom surfboards by Rob. Inspired by her travels with her husband, Sophie and her husband first opened a shop in Encinitas in 2017, and now bring a few select items along with new additions to the Pendry.

The Pendry x AURA AURA portrait sessions will be held June 14, 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and cost $45.

Pendry San Diego, 550 J St., downtown, 619.738.7000,


Salt Culture launches pop-up shop at The Pendry