Art Around Adams will feature 80-plus music acts, a ‘Comedy Trolley’ and more


Held annually since 2004, Art Around Adams has grown significantly since its debut.

Saturday’s edition of the free, all-ages event will showcase a juried art competition, an array of street performers and visual artists, and a whopping 80-plus bands and solo artists.

They will be featured on outdoor and indoor stages along a 2-mile stretch of Adams Avenue, between North Park and Kensington.

The lineup includes an impressive number of San Diego Music Award winners — 12 at last count — including blues-rockers Electric Mud, the hip-hop trio Parker Meridien and troubadour Evan Diamond. The full lineup appears below.

The festival’s largest outdoor stage will be on the field of the Adams Avenue Recreation Center, where eight bands will appear, starting at noon. Following Parker Meriden’s 6:45 p.m. concluding performance, the field will become an open-air movie theater with an 8 p.m. screening of “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.”

Since 2008, Art Around Adams has been guided by Adam Rosen. The all-volunteer event’s steady growth has helped shine a spotlight on independent artists, both visual and musical, from across San Diego.

This year, art will be on display in more than 60 galleries and assorted businesses along Adams Avenue. Attendees can cast ballots for their favorite art.

For those not inclined to walk the entire 2 miles, Art Around Adams’ Comedy Trolley will offer free transportation, replete with a rotating cast of on-board humorists.

Art Around Adams: Noon to 8 p.m. Saturday. On a 2-mile stretch of Adams Avenue, between Hamilton Street and Biona Drive. Free.

Main Stage/LoudSpeaker Stage, Recreation Center Field, 3491 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Blacks Beach Boys
1 p.m. The Heart Beat Trail
2 p.m. Daytrip
3 p.m. Los Hollywood
4 p.m. Hiroshima Mockingbirds
5 p.m. Avenue Army
5:45 p.m. Aviator Stash
6:45 p.m. Parker Meridien
8 p.m. “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” screening

Blindspot Records Stage, Smitty’s Service Station, 3441 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Blind Mountain Holler
1 p.m. Sometimes Julie
2 p.m. Cambrian Shores
3 p.m. Evan Diamond
4 p.m. Cherry Bluestorms
5 p.m. Electric Mud
6 p.m. Manual Scan
7 p.m. The Sleepwalkers

SDML Stage, Cafe 21 West Beer & Cocktail Garden, 2736 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Cherry Road
1 p.m. Flower Animals
2 p.m. Future Human
3 p.m. Retra
4 p.m. Polux
5 p.m. Sweet Myths
6 p.m. Plane Without A Pilot
7 p.m. Mainsail

Americana Stage, Kensington Library Park, 4121 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Happy Ron Hill
1 p.m. Josie Day
2 p.m. Enter The Blue Sky
3 p.m. Corina Rose Collective
4 p.m. S Mathias
5 p.m. Chloe Lou & The Liddells
6 p.m. The Becca Jay Band

DiMille’s Central Beer Garden Patio Stage, 3492 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Jeff Ousley & The Party Crashers
1 p.m. Edwin Masters
2 p.m. Static Halo
3 p.m. Alvino & The Dwells
4 p.m. Steve Rosenbaum
5 p.m. The Armoires
6 p.m. Country Rockin’ Rebels
7 p.m. Super Buffet

Lestats West Stage, 3341 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Samer Bakri
1 p.m. Dan Gindling
2 p.m. Marian Mulock
3 p.m. Beezie
4 p.m. Julian Jamie
5 p.m. Aaron Bowman
6 p.m. Home
7 p.m. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

Kensington Club Stage, 4079 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Machine Politik
1 p.m. The Brain Ghosts
2 p.m. Wicked Echoes
3 p.m. Marujah
4 p.m. Shepard Canyon
5 p.m. Black Hesher
6 p.m. Ted Washington
7 p.m. Spice Pistols

Normal Heights United Neighborhood Church Stage, 4650 Mansfield St.

3 p.m. Lori Aguilar Wilson
4 p.m. Normandie Wilson
5 p.m. Alicia Previn
6 p.m. Tinkersmith
7 p.m. Timothy Joseph

Rosie O’ Grady’s Stage, 3402 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Roger!
1 p.m. The Naked I
2 p.m. Fusebox
3 p.m. The Dig It’s
4 p.m. Bath Water Babies
5 p.m. Shark Jones
6 p.m. Donna Larsen & The Messengers
7 p.m. A Fine Madness

The Ould Sod Stage, 3373 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Michael Jay Dwyer
1 p.m. Clay Fox (Daniel Schraer solo)
2 p.m. Courtney Preis
3:30 p.m. Anais Lund & Deejay Rich
4:15 p.m. Better Half
5 p.m. Bri Schillings
6 p.m. Steven Wilson
7 p.m. Spiritual Motels

The Haven Stage, 4051 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Bobo Czarnowski
12:45 p.m. Lindsay White
1:30 p.m. Claire Walding
2:15 p.m. John January & Linda Berry
3 p.m. Jesse Nova & Kurt Otto
3:45 p.m. Jeff Ousley
4:30 p.m. Ben Busch
5:15 p.m. Rebekkah Darling & Paul Tillery
6 p.m. Gina Sobel

Adams Ave Integrative Health Stage, 3239 Adams Ave.

1 p.m. Becca Jay Trio
2:30 p.m. AJ Froman
4:30 p.m. Finnegan Blue

The Rabbit Hole Stage, 3377 Adams Ave.

12 p.m. Josh Jones 12-1
2 p.m. Russell Ramo
4 p.m. A Side of Beans
6 p.m. Jara
10 p.m. Unsteady

Zen Stage, 4183 Adams Ave.

3 p.m. Junebug Rose

Good Vibrations Chiro Stage, 4060 Adams Ave.

3 p.m. Gypsy Groove
6 p.m. Deja George