By David Moye

Biking is great exercise, but the face-forward focus and (for most of us) huffing and puffing it requires puts the brakes on casual convo.

For a new spin on riding, check out Social Cycle (, a touring party bicycle with bar-style seating for up to 16. The earth-friendly open vehicle is powered entirely by its riders and piloted by a pro “captain.”

For owner Laura Rovick, becoming a spokes-person was a no-brainer after she saw the bikes cruising around Minneapolis, her hometown.

“I knew I wanted to bring them to San Diego,” Rovick says.

Last summer, she did-ordering two of the vehicles, which are fashioned from car, motorcycle and bicycle parts, from the manufacturer in Amsterdam.

Social Cycle passengers must be 21 and can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard, as well as choose where they’d like to go. (Flat or mildly inclined routes work best.).

Soon, Rovick hopes to secure permits for BYOB alcohol. If that happens, Social Cycle captains may double as designated drivers.