To Air Is Human

By Ron Donoho

Ask Lt. Tyler Balzer about the highlights coming to the 2012 MCAS Miramar Air Show (October 12-14), and the first thing he mentions is the legendary Blue Angels.

“But there’s also the F22, the most advanced aircraft in the world. This thing turns on a dime,” says Balzer, a military spokesperson for the Air Show, which this year is themed “Marines in Flight: Celebrating 50 Years of Space Exploration.

Balzer also recommends looking out for the MV22. “It’s a tilt-rotor aircraft, and we’ve never had one at this show before,” he says.

Wait, what about this Robosaurus we’ve heard a little about. What’s that?

Balzer sighs. “Yes, that’s popular with families and kids,” he says. “It’s a giant dinosaur that breathes fire and eats cars.”


Last year, more than half a million people visited Miramar to watch cool stuff fly overhead (and eat cars on the ground). Get there early. There are three shows a day. Entrance is free, but you can buy tickets for grandstand seating that’s at “show center.”

Miramar Air Show
October 12-14

Can Take: Cans (of soda), food, coolers, folding chairs,
laptops, cameras.
Can’t Take: Tents, alcohol, grills, bikes, guns.