The Reel World


By Michael Benninger

Terminator Genisys
The rules have been reset.
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney
In Theatres: July 1
When death-dealing robots from the future target the mother of the humanity’s eventual leader, a time-traveling protector and the former Governator must work together to save civilization.

Magic Mike XXL
Back to the grind.
Comedy | Drama | Music
Starring: Channing Tatum, Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard
In Theatres: July 1
Featuring fresh sets of choreographed pelvic thrusts and more six-packs than a Mission Beach house party, this film tells the story of a male stripper who steps out of retirement to take his manhood out on stage for one final show.

A heart-breaking journey. A groundbreaking motion picture.
Documentary | Biography | Music
Starring: Amy Winehouse
In Theatres: July 10
A chilling narrative and never-before-seen footage fuel this documentary that chronicles the downward spiral of late singer Amy Winehouse, a once-rising star whose soulful vocals earned her six Grammy Awards before her sorrowful death in 2011.

Uh oh.
Animation | Comedy | Family
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Pierre Coffin, Michael Keaton
In Theatres: July 10
A super-villain and her inventor husband recruit some of the cute, yellow, evil underlings from Despicable Me to conquer the world and become the first woman to do so.

The Gallows
Every school has its spirit.
Thriller | Horror
Starring: Cassidy Gifford, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos
In Theatres: July 10
Twenty years after a student play at a small-town school results in an amateur actor’s agonizing death, meddling teens dig into the production’s gruesome history... and then things go frightfully wrong.

God created man. Man created immortality.
Fantasy | Thriller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, Matthew Goode
In Theatres: July 10
When a filthy-rich financier’s terminal cancer leads him to try an experimental procedure that puts his consciousness into the body of a younger man, he soon discovers the human form’s former inhabitant is still quite present.

Heroes don’t get any bigger.
Thriller | Action
Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas
In Theatres: July 17
A reformed criminal recruited to wear a suit that simultaneously shrinks his stature and skyrockets his strength teams with an army of electronic insects on a dangerous mission to save mankind.

We all know one.
Starring: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson
In Theatres: July 17
When a lustful magazine writer who’s never known love falls for a celebrity sports doctor she’s been assigned to profile, the promiscuous party girl contemplates changing her crazy ways.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Action | Adventure | Thriller
Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg
In Theatres: July 31
An espionage organization’s top agent uncovers a menacing plot to create a new global society, and then rounds up his team and an untrustworthy spy to topple the sinister Syndicate.

Irrational Man
Mystery | Drama
Starring: Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey
In Theatres: July 17
A depressed philosophy professor struggles with alcoholism and erections until he finds a sympathetic student who changes his outlook on life.

Mr. Holmes
The man behind the myth.
Crime | Drama | Mystery
Starring: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada
In Theatres: July 17
In the final stages of life, fiction’s favorite detective and his maid’s sharp-witted son attempt to close the books on a decades-old case that remains one of the sleuth’s only unsolved mysteries.

Game on.
Action | Comedy
Starring: Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Kevin James
In Theatres: July 24
As Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and other iconic arcade-game characters come alive and go on a rampage, the President enlists his geeky childhood friends to assemble hardcore gamers to protect the planet.

Paper Towns
Get lost. Get found.
Adventure | Mystery | Romance
Starring: Cara Delevingne, Halston Sage, Nat Wolff
In Theatres: July 24
When a teenage boy finally gets close to the mystifying girl he secretly loves, she vanishes - leaving behind a trail of clues that lead him and his friends on an epic road trip to find her.

Believe in hope.
Sports | Drama
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomie Harris
In Theatres: July 24
When a tragic event causes a championship boxer’s world fall to pieces, he must work his way up from the bottom to rebuild the relationships he ruined and reclaim his status as a prizefighter.

What could go wrong?
Adventure | Comedy
Starring: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann
In Theatres: July 29
This fifth installment of the National Lampoon series features a grown-up Rusty Griswold trying to bring his own dysfunctional family closer together as they venture on a coast-to-coast road trip to the theme park he remembers so fondly from childhood.