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The Mayor Down There

When on the campaign trail, soon-to-be Mayor Bob Filner made a lofty promise to open a binational affairs office south of the border to facilitate a closer working relationship with our neighbors in TJ. in a stunning, not-very-politician-like move, he’s totally (read: kinda/sorta) kept said promise.

Filner’s binational affairs office now consists of a solitary cubical within Tijuana’s Via Corporativo building. For exactly one arduous day a week, the newly minted San Diego Binational Affairs Director will be working on, among other yet-to-be-announceed projects, a joint bid with TJ for the 2024 Olympics.

The lucky beneficiary of these new digs, and the sweet title, is Filner’s longtime associate Mario Lopez, who, it’s assumed, needs the rest of the week off to coach Bayside’s wrestling team and call everyone “preppy.”

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