Sneak A Tax

By Ron Donoho

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” To Benji’s point, if you’re alive on April 15, your taxes are certainly due.

Whether Tax Day wipes you out or creates a windfall, 4/15 is never as fun as 4/20 (check the list below to see if weed’s a write-off). The rules constantly change, so PacificSD asked two experts - San Diego- based IRS spokesperson Raphael Tulino, and “The San Diego Tax Pro” Terry Smith, a tax preparer with 30 years of experience - to help deduce what’s deductible.

Breast implants.
SMITH: “Legal, as long as it’s used in your occupation to generate income.”

Makeup and clothing.
SMITH: “Again, if it’s for your job, yes. I know a professional tap dancer who deducts the $10,000 his group spends on taps every year.”

Donating your car to charity.
TULINO: “Yes, but now you have to get a record of sale from the charity.”

Gambling losses.
SMITH: “Yes, but get itemized records of your losses.”

Pets as dependents.
SMITH says there is an exception for certified guide dogs.

A hot tub.
SMITH: “As long as you have a prescription from a chiropractor or doctor.”

Medical marijuana.
TULINO: “It’s illegal under federal law.”
SMITH says it’s also problematic on California state taxes.

Bar tabs.
TULINO: “Normal business expenses are allowed.” just don’t order a round for the house.