Slick art graces KAABOO fest


“One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small...”

Grace Slick’s haunting voice on one of rock’s most famous and trance-inducing songs is embedded in the mind of every fan of psychedelia and epic outdoor music festivals on the planet. If you haven’t heard of Grace Slick, I won’t say you aren’t fit to live, but I will suggest a serious dose of 1960s rock education.

As one joyfully obsessed with that era, imagine my delight when I heard she would be at KAABOO Del Mar as a visual artist. Look for her whimsical and colorful takes on well known themes from her music and beloved artists. She is a living rock legend, and I recommend you fit that into your boogie-break schedule.

Prepared to be wowed by a number of other artists as well this year.

“This group of internationally recognized muralists, sculptors, fine artists and galleries are amongst the very best in the world,” said Amandalynn, KAABOO art director and participating visual artist.

And she isn’t just fluffing up.

For those new to KAABOO, expect the return of large scale, blow-you-away murals. Make sure to set your schedules to witness live art and installations throughout the festival.

On the international front, Caratoes arrives from Hong Kong, Cinzah and Askew One from New Zealand, Vans the Omega from Australia, 1010 from Germany, Tatiana Suarez from Mexico, and Jason Botkin from En Masse in Montreal. A handful of exceptional artists from San Francisco will be at KAABOO, including Lauren YS, Ian Ross, Jet Martinez and David Young V.

Our local stars include Aaron Glasson, Spenser Little, NC Winters, and our profile artist Carly Ealey (connect link). Rounding out the all star group of artists are Kamea Hadar from Hawaii, Aaron Li-Hill from Brooklyn, and Eddie Colla, who works all over the globe. And lest you think I told you everyone, I did not. There are even more art surprises awaiting you at KAABOO.

Art lovers looking to take home something memorable will have a variety of “I want this, and that and that” curated work to explore. Galleries from San Diego include the ever popular Thumbprint, Sparks, Distinction, and Visual, while LA art lovers will recognize their hometown Think Tank and C.A.V.E. Also in the mix are galleries from Laguna Beach and San Francisco, resulting in endless possibilities for take-home treasure.

Lastly, (on the more utilitarian art front), if you are looking for that perfect selfie backdrop, look for the artistic KAABOOExperience Mermaid images, placed strategically around the festival. The perfectly themed, busty redhead will surely liven up your sweat drenched hair and sunburned faces.

Laurie Delk is an avid art historian, holding a master’s degree in Art History, with concentrations in the Modern and Postmodern movements. She has taught classes at Tulane University, and has been published with several art publications including Sculpture Magazine and New Orleans Art Review. Send ideas for art stories to

Source: DiscoverSD