Show Enough

By Patricia B. Dwyer

5/25-9/15: “Volcanoes and Full Moons” by Ernest Silva
Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside

Ernest Silva’s paintings provide a colorful, dreamlike glimpse into the artist’s childhood. This exhibit will include hanging paintings and installed sculptures intended to make visitors feel like they’ve entered Silva’s subconscious.

5/11-6/2: “Monstrinho & The Kelp Kids” by Monstrinho
Thumbprint Gallery, La Jolla

In his first solo show at la Jolla’s Thumbprint Gallery, New York-based multimedia artist Monstrinho will show 24 gouache (paint akin to opaque watercolor) works depicting his lovable sea creature characters, the Kelp Kids.

5/25-9/15: “Looking For Things” by Jay Johnson
Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside

Jay Johnson is a local artist who, in this exhibition, uses reclaimed materials to create sculptures portraying satirical and dry-humor narratives.

5/3-6/9: “Cognitive Dissonance” New works by Kelly McKernan
Subtext Gallery, Little Italy

Kelly McKernan is a Nashville-based artist and children’s book illustrator who, in her first solo show at Little Italy’s Subtext Gallery, will be displaying Art Nouveau-style images of half-woman beings struggling with, or overcoming, opposing forces (like a pair mermaids who share a tail and are thereby stuck in an eternal tug-of-war). Historical note: Art Nouveau is an art/architecture movement that began in the 1800s and is characterized by flowing-line work inspired by the underwater organisms being discovered at that time.

5/25-9/22: Pictures of the Year
International Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park

Each year, the Museum of Photographic Arts displays the best images from the Pictures of the Year international photojournalism contest. These hundreds of photographs capture everything from an insider’s look at the ivory trade to moments in professional sports.

4/20-6/1: “Perception of Desire,” by Peter Alexander Quint
Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Art’s “light and space movement” involves the visual perception of art objects - how natural light reflects off of (or is absorbed by) an object, and how that light interacts with the viewer’s eye. Representative the genre, Peter Alexander’s wall-mounted resin works create an organic submarine haze that contrast the sculptures’ manmade nature.