Sexy and We Know It


By Allie Daugherty

Results of Travel + Leisure‘s recent America’s Favorite Cities 2012 poll rank San Diego as having the nation’s second-most attractive citizens (as voted by visitors of 35 cities). Only Miami beat us. L.A. snagged the No. 5 spot.

So says the magazine’s website: “This SoCal city has consistently ranked as the first runner-up for good looks in T+L’s survey, even if readers tend not to be so impressed with the locals’ conversational skills.”

Uh...what? We know how to converse; we just choose not to do it with visitors. Hey, tourist, grab a beer and meet us on the beach. And say hi to a cop while you’re there - they’re really friendly here.

“Conventional wisdom might suggest that there could be a connection between beach destinations and attractive residents, given how conducive a warm outdoor climate is for exercise and wellness,” says Rich Beattie, T+L’s executive digital editor. “But that’s just one take on it.” For more takes on it, check out

Poll Position
More rankings from the 40,000-plus votes cast in T+L’s survey

Best of S.D.
No. 1 for athletic/active people [makes sense]
No. 1 for Spring Break [really? might be time to poll some new people]
No. 1 for 4th of July [if you like police action on Mission Beach]
No. 1 for Valentine’s Day [awww, we love you, too]
No. 2 for weather [true dat; No 1. Is Honolulu]

Worst of S.D.
No. 26 for affordability [get a roommate]
No. 21 for antique stores [buy something new]
No. 21 as a cultural getaway [getting there; check back soon]