San Diegans show off their tattoos: Keith Shaw



Lead brewer at Modern Times Beer

Q: First tattoo?

A: Age 22. I was in the Marine Corps, all my friends had tattoos and I just got the “itch.” I originally wanted this elaborate Celtic armband ... but it is far from elaborate. I will be getting it covered up when I full sleeve my left arm. At the time, I thought I was pretty bad-ass, though.

Q: Favorite tattoo artist?

A: Sierra Colt of Bearcat Tattoo in Little Italy.

Q: Most memorable tattoo?

A: The memorial piece for Sgt. Justin Everett of HMLA-469. I took it pretty hard when I learned his helicopter crashed, and I knew I wanted to get a piece. My buddy also got the same one on his leg, at the same time.

Q: Why do you get tattoos?

A: I get tattoos as a reminder to myself of life’s past events, to tell a story, or to just display my interests in an artistic way.

Q: Advice for someone getting their first?

A: Do your research! Make sure you know what you want. It’s permanent. Go to an artist with as much reference material as possible, and make sure they are a clean shop. You get what you pay for, so avoid cheap tattoos and scratchers.

Q: Did any of them hurt?

A: All tattoos hurt ... But most of them are bearable. The worst spots are the ribs and the sternum, anywhere that it is just bone.


Source: DiscoverSD