Jaw dropping Instagram photos from the San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County fair has again descended on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, but then you already knew that because if you live in the San Diego area, your Instagram feed is full of Ferris wheel pictures.

And if you’ve been out to see the animals, ride the rides or sample some sort of deep fried, perhaps fruity pebble-covered food, you’ve probably seen people painstakingly posing for the perfect photo. We’re talking dangerous selfies, blocking the flow of crowds and even getting very up close and personal with farm animals to capture the moment that encapsulates what summer time in San Diego is all about.

Here are some of the top Instagram photos tagged with the Del Mar Fairgounds or San Diego County Fair location.

If you think you’ve got a better one, let us know.

The rides

The bird’s-eye view

The animals

The Ferris wheel

The main drag

Friends and family

Fabulous foods

The fair will remain open until July 4 (for more information, go here), so there’s still time to take your own epic photos. Want to see one of yours featured on this page?

Follow our Instagram account - @PacificSD - and then use the hashtag #sdutfair. We’ll be watching for awesome shots to see if they should make our list.

Have fun!
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