Reigning Men


By Catlin Dorset

Gay and lesbian San Diegans who are under 35 and looking for love are in the right place. The real estate know-it-alls at published results of their “In the Move for Love” study, which shows that young same-sex couples in San Diego have significantly better luck finding matches than their heterosexual counterparts do. ranked 150 U.S. cities on how single-friendly they were, taking into account disposable income of singles, size of dating pool, man-to-woman ratio, walkability to social gatherings and the new-to- town population.

Zillow Talk

San Diego’s national rankings on‘s single friendly scale

Men seeking men #2 (Miami is #1)
Men seeking women #7 (Worcester, Mass. is #1)
Women seeking women #2 (Worcester, Mass. is #1)
Women seeking men #13 (Milwaukee is #1)