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By Kinsee Morlan / Photo by Bradley Schweit

Using a milk truck converted into a mobile movie screen, Drive-By Cinema travels across the county, projecting independent films in unexpected locations.

The vehicle doesn’t follow a set schedule. One day, it’s set-up in an art gallery parking lot. Next, it appears in the middle of the street in the Gaslamp. To keep up, moviegoers follow the truck via social media.

Launched as an experimental off-shoot of the Pacific Arts Movement (aka Pac-Arts, formerly known as the San Diego Asian Film Festival), Drive-By Cinema operates with the mission to “create transformational experiences through the Pan Asian media arts.”

“Each time we go out, we’re never truly sure what will happen,” says Christina Ree, a member of Pac-Arts.

During Comic-Con, the Drive-By Cinema crew found themselves stuck in Gaslamp gridlock. Rather than worry about reaching their intended destination on time, they sprung into action, projecting a classic monster film onto a screen atop the truck. The impromptu showing was a hit... resulting fender-benders be damned.

All showings are free. Find out where to find the truck at

Park Place

San Diego’s drive-in theatres

South Bay Drive-in Theatre
With an upgrade to Technalight (fancy digital) Projectors in 2008, this drive-in offers the most bang for your movie-going buck. Three 100-foot screens feature back-to-back showings of current movies, seven nights a week. Upcoming movies include 300: Rise of an Empire, 47 Ronin and About Time. Tickets are $7 for adults.

2170 Coronado Ave., Imperial Beach


Santee Drive-in Theatre

Two screens situated along CA State Route 67 give passing drivers a glimpse of what’s playing at the Santee Drive-In, where two newly released flicks play back-to-back. Upcoming movies include Riddick, Prisoners and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Tickets are $8 for adults.

10990 N. Woodside Ave., Santee


Full Moon Drive-in Theatre

Watch new films and older classics - both chosen by requests made via Full Moon Drive-In’s social media - projected onto a 52-foot inflatable screen. Up-front parking is reserved for the classic ‘50s and ‘60s cars that roll up for most screenings. A front-and-center lounge area is available for anyone not wanting to sit in the car for two hours. Tickets are $8 for adults.

1500 Felspar St., Pacific Beach