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Pot Shots

It’s summertime, and there’s something in the air in San Diego. But it’s not love, dear Reader, it’s marijuana smoke.

Due to a legal gray area, at least in the eyes of the Mayor’s office, “medical” marijuana dispensaries have been returning in droves, much to the disappointment of many... and to the excitement of many, many more.

There are no zoning laws in place to regulate the proliferation of dispensaries, so city council asked the city attorney to draft some. City attorney Jan Goldsmith says ordinance “was sent to the Mayor and city council on May 13,” but action has yet to be taken.

Until Mayor Bob Filner does something with all the legalese, the city attorney can’t move forward with shutting down the dispensaries affected by the proposed zoning laws. But, to be fair to Filner, how in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is he supposed to choose the proper path through the legal gray area with so much pot smoke wafting about the city?