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Obstacle Corpse

Zombies are coming! So are Storm Troopers, Trekies and vampire Twi-hards, all with high hopes of a chance sighting of one of the celebrities who bring their obsessions to life.

If geeky fandom and the associated merch-collecting aren’t your thing, maybe scrambling away from said geeky fandom is. While fleeing weirdos in strange costumes is usually a once-a-year privilege reserved for the final hours of October, the crew behind The Walking Dead comic book series is returning to San Diego to make Halloween come early.

During Comic-Con, on July 19 and 20, Petco Park will become the Walking Dead escape, an unrecognizable disaster zone of gore. Brave souls can attempt to traverse the obstacle course swarming with shloads of the undead, while fatalistic folk with zombie fetishes can just curl up and un-die. Opt for the second option, and a crack team of Hollywood makeup artists will give you the star treatment - or at least the treatment they give to stars who’ve already been bitten and are nearing a brutal second end.