Artists take to the streets in North Park


Art meets music and delicious nibbles at this weekend’s North Park Street Gallery. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 31 (the event was originally planned for March 10, but was rescheduled due to rain), 10 local artists will display their creative prowess in a series of live paintings on neighborhood utility boxes while live bands play nearby. Music and artists will be spread out at four locations on University Avenue and five on 30th Street.

In addition to the outdoor walking tour, local restaurants will be running a variety of food and drink specials, while bands will be jamming at Nomad Donuts, Crazee Burger, Verbatim Books and Saiko Sushi.

Artists appearing at the North Park Street Gallery represent new voices in the local art community and include Bryndan Bedel, Tina Berardi, Mandy Jouan, Sophie Chamaa, Eddy Corral, Kim Curran, Carmen B. Costello, Jon Grunes, Anthony Ortiz and Tiffany Wade.

Amidst the hustle of preparation, PACIFIC caught up with Jake Romero, assistant director of North Park Main Street to find out more about the event:

PACIFIC: How were the artists selected?

JAKE ROMERO: Artists were selected by a design committee review panel.

Was there a theme or rules or was it free reign?

Artists were given freedom to be as creative as they wanted, and no theme was encouraged or discouraged. Artists were supplied a standard template to submit a draft of their design.

Is there a magic time frame to come during the day?

Eleven a.m. or noon would be a great time to come out. The artists will have gotten past their prep and should be in it. People can come out to watch the artists and bands and maybe have lunch or beers at one of the many restaurants or seven breweries around North Park.

What are some of the bands people will hear while watching live art?

Jasmine Bailey, Nate Hess, Drew Smith, and Matthew Armstrong.

Complete this sentence: If you are new to North Park, a must visit spot is...

Nomad Donuts. Plus, there will be a band playing right outside of their University Avenue location.

Best thing about North Park?

The diversity, North Park residents and businesses are very supportive in arts, culture and entertainment, as well as being a very pedestrian-friendly destination for shopping, dining and entertainment that supports our local businesses.

Live artist painting locations

CVS parking lot: Corner of 32nd Street and University Avenue

AB Sporting Goods: 3027 University Ave.

Saiko Sushi: 2884 University Ave.

Paw Pleasers: 2818 University Ave.

Daisy Cleaners: 2939 University Ave.

Paras Newsstand: 3911 30th St.

True North: 3815 30th St.

F45 North Park: 3800 30th St.

Subterranean Coffee:3764 30th St.

Influx Cafe: 3000 Upas St. (boxes are on 30th Street)

North Park Street Gallery is free and self-guided. To learn more about North Park events visit the North Park Main Street Facebook page,