The reel deal: August movie releases


New movies being released in August 2018 include The Spy Who Dumped Me, Crazy Rich Asians, Slender Man and The Happytime Murders.

Christopher Robin

Sooner or later, your past catches up to you.

Drama | Adventure

Directed by Marc Forster

Starring Ewan McGregor, Jim Cummings and Hayley Atwell

In theaters 8.3

When a grown man runs into the stuffed bear that defined his childhood, he forgoes family life in favor of helping his fuzzy friend find the depressed donkey, puny pig and addlepated tiger from his adolescence.

The Darkest Minds

If you’re one of us, come find us.

Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Starring Amandla Stenberg, Harris Dickinson and Mandy Moore

In theaters 8.3

After a group of teens struggle to control their newly discovered superpowers, the government declares every adolescent an existential threat, leading the youths to unite in order to regain control of their lives.


No one is lost without a track.


Directed by Aneesh Chaganty

Starring John Cho, Debra Messing and Alex Jayne Go

In theaters 8.3

In this film, which almost exclusively takes place on a laptop screen, a forlorn father attempts to unfold the events leading up to his 16-year-old daughter’s disappearance.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Minimum experience. Maximum damage.

Action | Adventure

Directed by Susanna Fogel

Starring Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon and Sam Heughan

In theaters 8.3

A pair of bumbling BFFs become ensnared in an international conspiracy after one of them learns her ex is actually an undercover agent.

The Meg

Chomp on this.

Action | Horror

Directed by Jon Turteltaub

Starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing and Rainn Wilson

In theaters 8.10

When an enormous, 70-foot shark long believed to be extinct attacks a sunken research vessel, a man faces his biggest fears in order to rescue those trapped inside.


Infiltrate hate.

Drama | Crime

Directed by Spike Lee

Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver and Laura Harrier

In theaters 8.10

In this unbelievable — yet true — story set in Colorado during the early ’70s, an African-American detective infiltrates the KKK in an attempt to make a name for himself.

Crazy Rich Asians

The only thing crazier than love is family.


Directed by Jon M. Chu

Starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh

In theaters 8.15

An American professor adjusts to a life of immense wealth after learning her boyfriend is among the richest Asians on Earth.


Experience the incredible story of how mankind discovered man’s best friend.

Drama | Thriller

Directed by Albert Hughes

Starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Leonor Varela and Jens Hultén

In theaters 8.17

Travel back in time 20,000 years in this fictional film that attempts to explain how dogs and humans became best friends.

Mile 22

Option 1: Diplomacy. Option 2: Military. Meet Option 3.

Action | Adventure

Directed by Peter Berg

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Ronda Rousey and Iko Uwais

In theaters 8.17

A highly-ranked CIA operative teams with a top-secret tactical command unit to deliver a sensitive package into treacherous territory.

The Wife

Behind any great man, there’s always a greater woman.


Directed by Björn Runge

Starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater

In theaters 8.17

After putting her own passions on the back burner for more than 40 years to support her cheating husband’s literary career, a brilliant woman reclaims her identity while emerging from the shadow of the adulterous author.

Slender Man

Can you see him?


Directed by Sylvain White

Starring Joey King, Javier Botet and Talitha Bateman

In theaters 8.24

Four teenage girls attempt to expose the truth about an Internet-meme-turned-murderer, but when one of them goes missing, they begin to believe the legend of the ghastly, gangly gentleman.


Man’s best friend has evolved.


Directed by Oliver Daly

Starring Becky G, Thomas Jane and Alex Neustaedter

In theaters 8.24

When an aloof teenage boy befriends a robotic military dog, he feels compelled to protect the artificially intelligent canine when the creature’s creators attempt to collect it.

The Happytime Murders

No sesame. All street.

Mystery | Comedy

Directed by Brian Henson

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph

In theaters 8.24

Blending a traditional murder mystery with soft-core puppet porn, this ridiculously raunchy film follows a disgraced private eye as she investigates the deaths of the fuzzy, f**ked-up stars of a children’s TV show.

The Little Stranger

Abandon reason. Question everything.

Mystery | Thriller

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson

Starring Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Wilson and Will Poulter

In theaters 8.31

A doctor treats a patient at a once-illustrious estate and finds a family terrified by a presence tied to his own past.