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Made in the Fade

Photo: Stefanie Schneider
Words: Dean Lamanna

German photographer Stefanie Schneider pursued the American Dream through 1970s road movies and Golden State roadmaps-?nally gathering her camera, a bag of expired Polaroid ?lm and some daring Los Angeles friends to seek splendid desolation in Southern California’s high desert. The resulting series of washed-out, offbeat images, 29 Palms, CA, forms the basis of her show "Stranger than Paradise,” opening January 14 at Scott White Contemporary Art in La Jolla. “I’ve always had an af?nity for wide-open, slightly decaying spaces,” says Schneider, whose most striking frames set orange-wigged actress Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill, The Crazies) adrift in an arid blandscape. “There’s so much space in the desert for people to lose or possibly ful?ll their dreams, and there’s nobody to watch or judge.”