Liberty Public Market offers plethora of art

What’s one more thing that makes Liberty Public Market a must-visit on every San Diegan’s list? Not only do they have a plethora of food, wine, and craft beer, but they also make it a priority to support art. From the preserved naval murals on the walls of Mess Hall to the rotating featured artists, Liberty Public Market operates in synergy with the already established Arts District of Liberty Station.

The Market itself is located in Building 1, which was constructed around 1923. The naval murals were commissioned in the early 1950s, when a group of artistic recruits were looking for a project during their training. These murals depict the history of the Navy from its beginnings in the 18th century to the artists’ period of the 1950s. To date, they have not been retouched, restored, or altered in any way. Be sure to gaze up at them as you sip on your local craft beer at Bottlecraft or your wine at Mess Hall.

While meandering around for tasty vittles, be sure to check out the current featured art works placed throughout the market. Directly across from Venissimo Cheese is a group of beach paintings by artist Nancy Tokos. Working primarily in oils and charcoal, Tokos produces vibrant and dynamic imagery of women, children, animals and coastal scenery. Fans of her work can find her art studio in Barracks 14 at the entrance to the Arts District.

Want to see more?

The sprawling Arts District at Liberty Station covers 28 acres and houses nearly 120 spaces, including galleries, museums, studios, shops, and dining experiences. During the first week of each month, the Arts District hosts Free Friday Night Liberty Art Walk, from 5-9 p.m. A cultural whirlwind of activity, these exciting evenings allow visitors to enjoy interaction with the artists and see live music, dance, and theatre performances. For more information and events, visit

You are sure to stop in your tracks when you see the vibrant works of contemporary artist Kevin Winger. Explosions of color and paint leap from the canvasses, and you are instantly drawn into the rainbow of rich colors and textures. With a studio located in Barracks 19, Winger brings energy, movement, and electricity to the Public Market.

Take a tummy break and enjoy the work of local artist Peggy Fischbeck, whose impressionist-influenced works effortlessly exude a beautiful calm. Scenes of coastal life, Balboa Park and landscapes far and near capture the viewer’s eye, taking them serenely into the painting and her vision. Her studio and gallery are located in Barracks 19.

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Laurie Delk is an avid art historian, holding a master’s degree in Art History, with concentrations in the Modern and Postmodern movements. She has taught classes at Tulane University, and has been published with several art publications including Sculpture Magazine and New Orleans Art Review. Send ideas for art stories to

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